Travel Writing

Formerly known as 6wTravel.com, boblabozetta.com is the digital home of, well, Bob Labozetta (travel writer & photographer). The “w” in 6wTravel.com, pertained to “the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and hoW of Traveling (& more).” That mission continues to be the basic purpose of this website/blog.

Travel Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. If a photo describes a person, place, or thing better than words alone, I will post them.

Sometimes a photo alone will communicate what I am trying to convey.

Global House Sitting

Global house sitting allows me to immerse myself into the local culture while helping people as they are doing their own traveling. I am an experienced house and pet sitter available for such opportunities around the world.

Why travel?

Travel gets me out of my parochial surroundings. When I am exposed to new places, people, and cultures, I expand my world view and allow for new ways of looking at things. It opens my mind and reduces my rigidity of thought. I become a more well-rounded and, hopefully, interesting individual.

All five senses are crucial to exploring the world, from local offerings to global destinations. As much as possible, I try to incorporate all of them in my experiences and reveal the stimuli in my travel writing.

Baby Boomers should find relevant information about traveling to destinations I’ve been because, hey, I’m one of you. But, my revelations are not solely aimed at the more mature among you. Readers should find something for just about anybody on this site.

Next Steps…

I encourage you to click on through the menu buttons along the top of this Home page, but be patient with me as I continue to construct this website.

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